Chapter 334 It'll Be Fine...

Jiang Sese received a call in the afternoon.

"Hello Miss. Jiang, this is Su Qingyin's father. If it's convenient for you, could you spare some time to meet me?"

The meeting was unnecessary. Jiang Sese could already guess that he was contacting her because of the incident with Su Qingyin.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be free."

Jiang Sese rejected him without a moment's thought.

"Allow me to apologize for what Qingyin has done to you on her behalf. I hope you'll be willing to meet me for my sake as a father."

"I'm sorry, I..."

"Miss. Jiang, please understand how difficult this is for me as a father. Can you meet me, please?" Mr. Su was almost begging her.

Jiang Sese's resolve weakened involuntarily, and she agreed to meet him.

After hanging up, she went to tell Jin Fengchen about the matter.

"You don't have to go; I'll go speak to him instead." Jin Fengchen did not want her to be involved with the Su Family anymore and hoped for the incident with Su Qingyin to be mere wat
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