Chapter 34 He Just Wants You to Die

While he was entertaining his thoughts, Li Sheng was already stepping inside the parlor. "Nice to meet you, Second Young Master. I'm the manager of the Zhuoyue Creative Agency, Li Sheng."

Jin Fengyao straightened his back nonchalantly. "Hello, Manager Li."

Li Sheng could feel himself breaking into a cold sweat as he stared at the larger-than-life figure in front of him. He gave out a hollow laugh and said, "Second Young Master, why didn't you inform us about your visit? I would have welcomed you personally if I knew."

Jin Fengyao laughed, clearly unbothered. "I happened to be passing by, so I decided to drop by and ask about the progression of the project. Unfortunately, it seems that my timing was poor and I came at a time when you're busy. I hope I didn't disturb you."

"Hoho, of course not."

Before Li Sheng could reply, Lan Sichen was already answering in his place.

Jin Fengyao looked as if he had only just noticed him now and said with surprise, "You are…?"

Lan Sichen looked dumbstr
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