Chapter 36 Why Didn't You Die out There?

"There must be something wrong with this man's head for him to come to me and say such disgusting words," she thought.

What did he mean by even if they were not lovers, they could at least be friends?

Unless widowed, all her past lovers would only be her enemies.

"President Lan, Young Master Lan, Mr. Lan! We're really not close. I don't want to hear you trying to catch up with me. Please leave immediately. I have an errand to run, so don't waste my time."

Having said that, Jiang Sese fished out her keys, opened her door, and tried to enter.

Lan Sichen, however, pressed down on the door.

His expression was dark.

Not only did she ignore everything he had said, but she even humiliated him!

"Jiang Sese… are you hell-bent on being this heartless?"

Rather than getting riled up, Jiang Sese was smiling instead. "Me, heartless? Lan Sichen, what gives you the confidence to say that? Five years ago, when my mother needed money for treatment, I begged for your help. You ignored me and merrily ran
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