Chapter 351 Uncle, You're Shameless

Xiaobao didn't leave the marine museum until that evening. He had enjoyed himself today but was exhausted at the same time. Seeing this, Jin Fengchen picked him up.

Next to them, Jin Fengyao said shyly, "Sister-in-law, to tell you the truth, today was the first time I visited a marine museum."

"I know, and I think you weren't the only one. Neither your brother nor Xiaobao has been to one either."

Jiang Sese glanced at Jin Fengchen as she spoke, and Jin Fengchen gave her a noncommittal nod.

He had enough work to busy himself with. If it weren't for Sese and Xiaobao, he would never have set foot in that museum.

Hearing that, Jin Fengyao gave Jiang Sese an awe-inspired look. "Wow, sister-in-law, I can't believe you've figured that out. But the question now is: where are we going to eat? I've been walking all day today, and I'm so tired."

"Mommy, let's go there!" All of a sudden, Xiaobao pointed at somewhere ahead of them.

Following Xiaobao's finger, Jiang Sese saw a person dressed
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