Chapter 352 You Really Disgust Me

"I'm sorry. I truly am." Raising his head, Lin Shen looked sincerely at Song Qingwan with a devastating look in his eyes, as if he had just lost the love of his life.

Song Qingwan only gave him an indifferent glance without saying a word.

She was still in a daze when Lin Shen stepped forward abruptly, as if he was going to hug Song Qingwan.

"Tsk." A resolute look flashed in Song Qingwan's eyes, and she made a small step back, giving Lin Shen no chance to touch her.

Jin Fengyao sat restlessly in his seat. His grip on his spoon tightened when he looked up and saw Lin Shen approaching Song Qingwan. It seemed that Jin Fengyao was going to spit fire from his eyes.

"Ahem." Noticing his demeanor, Jiang Sese coughed into her palm.

"Sese, are you all right?" Jin Fengchen was concerned as soon as he heard Jiang Sese coughing. He put a hand on Jiang Sese's back and patted gently.

Jin Fengyao rolled his eyes at the lovey-dovey couple, then repeatedly jabbed his spoon into his cup.

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