Chapter 366 Jealousy

Although Jiang Sese had heard about Zifeng's arrival, she didn't think much of it, for she knew that Jin Fengchen loved her. She believed that if she loved someone, she had to trust him completely and she shouldn't have any doubts about him.

At noon, Jiang Sese got a message from Jin Fengchen, telling her to come to his office for lunch, so she went upstairs right away.

She arrived at Jin Fengchen's floor to find a newly set up secretary's desk and noticed the person behind it. "She has to be Zifeng, the rumored new secretary. She's indeed very pretty."

Unlike Jiang Sese's gentleness, Zifeng had an aggressive quality to her beauty, and that made Jiang Sese a little uncomfortable.

A war between two women was an invisible one, and it started when their eyes met.

The assistant greeted Jiang Sese with a smile as soon as she arrived. "Sister Sese, there you are. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Jin's new secretary, Zifeng.

"Zifeng, this is Miss Jiang Sese, the president's fiancee, and
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