Chapter 367 Lovey-Dovey

The assistant only watched Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese enviously, but Zifeng clenched her fists.

Sensing the change in Zifeng's demeanor, the assistant couldn't help asking, "Zifeng, what's wrong?"


After saying that in a cold voice, Zifeng left the room.

Jin Fengchen had the steward take Xiaobao back to kindergarten after the boy woke up. He was just a boy, but Jin Fengchen didn't want him to get used to ditching school.

That afternoon when Jiang Sese finished her work, it was just about time to leave for the day. She felt very relieved when she saw that there were no more pending files on her desk.

After quickly tidying up her desk, she went upstairs to tell Jin Fengchen that it was time to go home.

She arrived at Jin Fengchen's office to find Jin Fengyao there as well, so she greeted the latter with a smile. "Fengyao, you're here."

"Hello, Sister-in-law," said Jin Fengyao, winking and grinning.

Jin Fengchen cast a stern look at his brother when he saw this, and Ji
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goodnovel comment avatar
Kristen Perez
Author you have turned out to be greedy it seems. This whole run around back and forth isn’t worth the money.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kristen Perez
So now we have another woman who had her sights on Jin Fenchen to find out Sese stole her chance are we going to go back and forth with this or is it Jin fengyaos girl that is going to have problems with this new female. Come on now just get to the end of the story.
goodnovel comment avatar
mathilde mattlinger
and here we go.... again... this is a good story but it's time to end it, it's been going in circles for a while now !

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