Chapter 377 Revolving Around Her

After having solved their misunderstanding yesterday, Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese became loving again.

This became apparent to Mrs. Jin after seeing them in the morning. Both had ignored each other yesterday but a lovers' spat was often quickly remedied.

"Come and eat," she said, sitting on the couch.

They walked over. Jiang Sese was suddenly reminded of the hospitalized Jin Fengyao while eating and quickly said, "How has Fengyao been the past two days?"

Mrs. Jin chuckled. "Don't worry about him. He's having the time of his life."

Jin Fengyao chimed in as well, "Don't you know him yet? He can live well anywhere. Even if he doesn't have a caretaker at the hospital, he still has Song Qingwan, so you don't have to worry about him."

They were right. At that very moment, Jin Fengyao was sitting on the side of the bed while waiting for Song Qingwan to feed him.

Song Qingwan held his breakfast in one hand and slowly fed him with the other hand.

"Your hands are fine, so why aren't you
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Smith Inetta
I just purchase more coins and instead of it going somewhere I had really stop that it went back Midway and then when I went to the proper chapter you wouldn't let me in wanting more money please correct this as soon as possible
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story has gone way off the plot and just taking a merry go round chase now other main characters are added
goodnovel comment avatar
You Guys....Stop wasting coins. this book actually reach 1400 chapters!! On another app but the English so bad you cannot understand most of it. I totally regret the extra coins purchased but not going to start on another story grom this app.

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