Chapter 378 Killing Him for His Property

Jin Fengchen's eyes turned as dark as the night after he heard Bai Li's words. His usual cold face became scarier because of his bad mood.

Even though Bai Li knew what kind of person Jin Fengchen was, he still shivered under Jin Fengchen's gaze.

At that moment, he could understand why everyone said that the Eldest Young Master of the Jin family was cold and unapproachable.

Jin Fengchen had never reacted like this before. It seemed that his fiancee was truly important to him.

Bai Li was still deep in his thoughts when he heard Jin Fengchen said gloomily, "How dare he touch my woman. Even if he's King of Hell, I'll still straighten him out."

He then cast a cold glance out the window.

A breeze happened to blow outside the window at this moment, making his words sound even more terrifying.

Bai Li immediately said, "Of course."

Jin Fengchen nodded. "Go and keep an eye on Ji Chen."

After Bai Li left bearing new orders, Jin Fengchen finally unclenched his fists and dangerously narrow
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