Chapter 380 Unacceptable

Life was often predictable; while some people were happy, some were often not.

The past couple of days, the businesses under Fen Da'er Corporation had encountered trouble one after another. First, it was a massive fight, then illegal drug peddling. Several of their clubs had to stop operations after being raided and sealed off by police.

Inside one of the suites of a five-star hotel, Ji Chen was leaning against a plush couch and tapping his lanky fingers on a nearby ashtray as he listened to his assistant's report.

His smile was sinister and cold, and his eyes were filled with ruthlessness. He couldn't help but think, "Jin Fengchen sure moves quickly."

His assistant was getting nervous at his boss' unpredictable mood. After all, Ji Chen looked like he was embodying the calm before a storm.

While browsing through the financial reports over the past two days, his assistant said resentfully, "Young Master, we've lost several millions in the last two days. If we don't stop this and a
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