Chapter 405 Let's Watch Them Fight

While they were still talking, the MC had already finished his opening remarks and the wedding march had begun playing.

"Let us welcome President Lin and Miss Lin. Let's applaud President Jin for his deep parental love and devotion to raising his daughter for so many years. Today, Miss Lin has found her happiness, and President Lin has to hand her to another man..."

The MC began to emotionally recite familiar lines against the backdrop of the music, appearing as if he was trying to touch the heart of everyone present.

Looking at the father and daughter pair, Jiang Sese felt a sense of loss at the thought of her own father.

As if noticing her mood, Jin Fengchen tightened his grasp on her hand and whispered, "It's all right. I'm here."

These words were more reassuring than confessions of love or heartfelt pledges. "That's right. As long as he's here, there's nothing that I can't bear," she thought.

The wedding slowly progressed and before anyone knew it, it was time to exchange oat
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