Chapter 406 Stay Away from Me

The first thing Jiang Nuannuan did was take the examination report to Lan Sichen's home.

"I want you to marry me." She showed Lan Sichen the ultrasonography report with a look of determination. "Your family finally has an heir. Don't tell me you're going to abandon him."


Lan Sichen held a cigarette in his hand, the spark looking especially eye-catching in the dimly lit house. His indifferent attitude caused Jiang Nuannuan to panic.

The baby was her final trump card.

Her delicate face was reflected in Lan Sichen's dark pupils. Amid the swirling smoke, he said coldly, "Do you think that I won't date other women? Or that they can't get pregnant?"

Jiang Nuannuan's face became pale and she had to hold tightly onto the edge of the table to support herself from falling.

She closed her eyes and her voice was colored with despair. "What's going to happen to the child? He's your biological child. Are you going to kill him?"

Lan Sichuan threw the used-up cigarette to the floor and e
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