Chapter 434 Daddy, Work Harder

Mrs. Jin took Jiang Sese's hands and smiled at her with gratitude.

"Sese is such a kind woman. Fengchen is so lucky to be marrying her."

Just then, Jin Fengchen returned after seeing the guests off.

Seeing that everyone was still here, he asked with a smile, "What are you guys talking about here?"

After that, he sat down next to Jiang Sese and ate some fruit.

He had quite a few drinks himself earlier and was parched.

Jin Fengyao immediately answered, "We're talking about your second child. My sister-in-law says that you'll have to ask for Xiaobao's opinion before you make the decision."

Jin Fengchen looked touched when he heard that.

"Marrying her is the greatest thing that happens to me in my life."

"It all depends on Sese. If she wants, we can have as many babies as we want."

Jiang Sese was abashed by the affectionate look Jin Fengchen gave her in front of so many people.

She pinched Jin Fengchen on his lean waist.

The others saw this intimate interaction and smiled knowi
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