Chapter 438 Tear You to Shreds

After completing the onboarding and duty handover, Jiang Sese saw no more reason to stay and stood up. "If that's all, let's end this meeting here."

She was about to walk away.

"Wait a moment." Jiang Zhen stood up and pointed to Jiang Sese who was in the central seat.

Jiang Sese had noticed him from the moment she had walked in, but he was so quiet that she didn't pay him much attention. Thus, she was quite taken aback when he abruptly stood up.

"What is it?" She held her head high when she looked at him.

Jiang Zhen strode up to her, looking enraged as he scolded, "Jiang Sese, do you still remember that your surname is Jiang? That you're my daughter?"

She looked at him without saying anything.

Jiang Zhen took her attitude as tacit agreement and her silence as guilt. He continued his tirade. "You know that I spent half my life building the Jiang Group! Why did you pick an outsider over me for the position?"

Everyone had the feeling that things were going awry after seeing Jiang
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