Chapter 453 Maternity Test

Seeing that Jiang Sese wouldn't give in, Sheng Zhixia knelt down again and pleaded. "Miss Jiang, I'm begging you. Please give my baby back to me. He's my child, but he's calling someone else Mom now. Miss Jiang, can't you see how much pain I'm in?"

Sheng Zhixia changed the way she addressed Jiang Sese, forcing her to face the situation she was in.

Her behavior made the other customers eye her curiously.

Jiang Sese stared blankly at the woman in front of her. Those words had stabbed her in the chest like the sharpest knife.

She didn't dare to look Sheng Zhixia in the eye and had run out of the cafe like a fugitive.

Sitting there made it impossible for Jiang Sese to breathe, as if a pair of hands had wrapped around her neck. She couldn't breathe; she felt suffocated.

The sky was as blue as before, and the sunlight shone warmly on Jiang Sese's skin.

But she felt as cold as if she was on a winter day.

She walked aimlessly along the streets and couldn't bring herself to accept the t
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