Chapter 455 Mixed Feelings

It had been quite a few days since the hair was sent to the hospital to be tested.

Those were some very tough days, except for the people who had already known the result.

Sheng Zhixia, for instance, had even gone to see Xiaobao at his kindergarten.

The teacher there saw a pretty woman staring unblinkingly at little Young Master Jin but keeping her distance, as though she was afraid of something.

She beckoned Xiaobao over and asked in a low voice, "Do you know who that auntie is?"

Xiaobao looked perplexed and replied in his childish voice, "No, I don't."

"All right. Go play, then." The teacher smiled.

Xiaobao ran off to play with his friends.

The teacher looked in the direction of the woman again, only to find the spot empty. After some thought, she called the Jin Family because she found it necessary to report to them.

"All right, I see. Thank you, miss," said a woman politely. It was none other than Mrs. Jin, Xiaobao's grandmother.

The smile vanished from Mrs. Jin's face as
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Guys this reaches more than 1000 chapters. it isnin another app but not worth reading as the English grammar is so bad you can't understand a thing.
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A. Yuhhi
so long need ti wait for new chapters :(
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Sussie Q
Dear writer, please give sese her happy ending. make the hair sample her assistant's and make the test results negative. Time to end this story with a nice wedding. people are losing interest!@

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