Chapter 458 What Are You Going to Do

As it turned out, Jin Fengchen had foretold the future like a prophet.

Two days later after work, Jiang Sese was stopped by Sheng Zhixia outside the Jin Group building.

She had rushed out so suddenly that Jiang Sese didn't have time to react. The next thing she knew, a woman had knelt down by her feet, frightening her.

"What are you doing? Please get up." Jiang Sese tried to pull Sheng Zhixia to her feet.

"Miss Jiang, I'm begging you. Please give Xiaobao back to me... I can't live without him! He's my life! I'll do anything just to have him back! Please don't take my son away from me! Please!"

She burst into tears as she spoke.

It was rush hour after work, and everyone could see the two women as soon as they walked out of the building. Since one of them was the wife of their president, the employees all stopped, curious to see what was going to happen next.

"Please get up. Let's talk somewhere else." Jiang Sese didn't like being watched by such a crowd, as it made her feel like
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I didnt know you could become unautistic
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Priscilla Waiyaki
you are taking too long in finishing the story. I want to read another one. it is frustrating.
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Sussie Q
the chapters are too short. The story is becoming boring. please give us more chapters and end it!

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