Chapter 48 It Breaks My Heart Just Watching

Jiang Zhen understood Jiang Sese's temper well. Her mother was her only weakness and she would never wait twenty-four hours.

He would pressure her a little more tomorrow morning. She would naturally look for Jin Fengchen and convince him about the cooperation like a good girl.

Jiang Nuannuan was sitting next to him. Having learned of this piece of good news, her face was full of smiles. Nevertheless, she inexplicably felt an ominous premonition.

Would things truly go as smoothly as her father anticipated?

Right then, their doorbell rang and Jiang Zhen was surprised. It was so late at night; could it be that Jiang Sese had come?

He got up and opened the door with such a thought in mind. When he saw the two police officers standing outside the door, he was dumbfounded.

"Sir, you're…"

Jiang Sese was standing behind the officers, staring daggers at him.

One of the officers said, "Mr. Jiang, we found out that you have illegally taken a patient away. Please return the patient at once
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Irene Seah
Thats it?? No charges against Jiang Zhen for kidnapping??
goodnovel comment avatar
Sese could actually file case for bribery, kidnapping, threatening and endangerment to the patient wonder why she didn't do that.

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