Chapter 480 It's Time for You to Die

The warm sunlight of the morning spilled into the room through the window blinds, slanting across the big bed in the hotel.

Zifeng pressed against her slightly aching head and looked at the scene in front of her.

Elegant furnishings, comforting blinds, and messy clothes scattered across the floor.

Memories of last night slowly returned to her.

When she learned of Jiang Sese's pregnancy, she was shocked and angry.

With nothing else to do, she went to the bar and got drunk. Unexpectedly, she ran into Jin Fengchen...

Zifeng abruptly turned around and saw Bai Li's face. Her eyes were filled with shock and panic then.

By this time, Bai Li was awake and had already gotten dressed.

Apologetically, he said, "You're awake? I'm sorry about yesterday, but I..."

"No, nothing happened last night!" Zifeng interrupted Bai Li's words.

She was an adult. Of course, she knew what had happened last night.

Her expression was unpleasant, and she turned away.

Grabbing her clothes and putting them
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Rose SB
Zifeng has a death wish!

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