Chapter 482 Collapse of Jin Fengchen's Persona

After leaving the study, Shen Shulan's face immediately fell and coldness filled her eyes.

The things she had said to Jiang Zhen tonight made her feel sick. "That old idiot, he truly thought I would turn back."

"Fuck him." Did he think that she hadn't seen the photo on the table, with the words "Baby at six months" written boldly on the back? That was Jiang Sese's photo, and she had seen it once previously. The words on the back had been written by Jiang Zhen's own hand. "Looks like this old fool is actually regretful."

Shen Shulan laughed coldly. "Jiang Sese, you deserve death!"

Meanwhile, Jiang Nuannuan was shut up by Zifeng. Although she felt hatred in her heart, she knew she wouldn't be able to escape. She didn't struggle pointlessly and only tried to calm herself.

But she hadn't been idle. Zifeng hadn't completely restricted her. She could still use some methods to learn about what was happening back home.

Her hatred for Jiang Sese never waned.

In the Jin home.

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