Chapter 488 Investigate Them One by One!

Jin Fengyao felt that the swallow's nest was suspicious and his expression grew increasingly cold.

Mrs. Jin didn't understand and asked, "I thought pregnant women could eat swallow's nest?"

Mr. Jin shook his head and explained, "What Fengyao means is that there might be other things inside the swallow's nest."

Only now did Mrs. Jin understand; Jin Fengyao's explanation was the most logical.

She looked at the housekeeper and coldly asked, "Where is the swallow's nest Sese ate yesterday? Bring it all out. Investigate them one by one!"

At these words, the servants all looked at each other.

They had been shocked too many times tonight and were a bit numb.

Hearing this, sweat broke out across the housekeeper's brows and even his hands trembled.

Knowing the severity of the issue, he didn't dare neglect it.

"Understood, Mistress. I'll get them now!"

The housekeeper hurriedly nodded and turned to leave.

Before long, the housekeeper and a few servants brought everything over.

The su
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Rose SB
The author has mentioned they’re a couple of times. Does that mean she’s having twins?

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