Chapter 495 The Result of Being Completely Isolated

The housekeeper panicked at these words and hurriedly asked, "Is the patient in danger of dying?"

"It's hard to say, so we need agreement from the patient's family before we can start the surgery. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, the hospital cannot take responsibility."

A worried expression rose on the housekeeper's face. Presently, Jiang Nuannuan's whereabouts were unknown, and even Shen Shulan had disappeared. He didn't know what other family members Jiang Zhen had left.

Abruptly, a face flashed across his eyes. Jiang Sese!

"That's right. Jiang Sese is also Jiang Zhen's daughter. She could do it."

As he thought of this, he dialed Jiang Sese's number.

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese was at home looking after her baby. Suddenly, her phone rang.

When she saw the unfamiliar number flashing across her display, her first thought was to ignore it.

For some reason, she unthinkingly answered the call.

The housekeeper's anxious voice rang out in her ear.

"Miss Sese, please come to Huimin H
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