Chapter 500 Honey, I'll Sleep with You

An incident like this occurred as soon as Jin Fengchen arrived at the mine, and he didn't have time to search for the diamond at all. Upon hearing these words, he could only comfort her and said, "I promise that I'll be fine and that nothing will happen to me."

"That's a natural disaster! Even if you promise me, what's the use?" Jiang Sese started to get anxious.

"Sese, listen to me. The Jin Family's mine is very safe. The accident happened at the mine next to ours and it has nothing to do with our family's mine, so you can rest assured."

Jin Fengchen explained to her in detail. He repeatedly stressed that the two mines merely had similar names and that they were adjacent to each other, but in fact, they were not related at all.

He clutched Jiang Sese's hands and said affectionately, "I want to find a diamond for you personally."

Jiang Sese was speechless. Actually, she wanted to tell Jin Fengchen that it did not matter whether he could find the diamond or not. It was the thought
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Rose SB
Those hormones
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Tina Darlene Sullivan
Please hurry and let shen Shulan and the half sister and the stupid body guard get caught! LOL

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