Chapter 507 I Won't Forgive Daddy

From the living room, Jiang Sese watched as the two of them played together with a smile on her face.

"Xiaobao, come here." The study door was suddenly opened and Jin Fengchen looked toward the two people in the toy room with a dark expression.

With a sharp expression, he severely scolded Xiaobao. "What is it that I've taught you about accepting things from other people?"

When Jin Fengchen looked at Katherine, his eyes were cold.

Seeing the situation, Xiaobao trembled and returned the toy to Katherine.

"Daddy, I'm sorry..."

The atmosphere immediately became stiff.

Jiang Sese hurried over to comfort Xiaobao.

"It's fine, Xiaobao. Daddy doesn't mean it like that. Go back to your room and read a book for now."

"Sister Sese, I'll leave now." Katherine tactfully said her goodbyes when she saw the atmosphere change like this.

Jiang Sese saw her off and said with embarrassment, "I'm sorry. He got up on the wrong side of the bed."

"It's fine. It's me who is disturbing you. I'll see y
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