Chapter 508 Their Identity Is Not as Simple as It Seems

The call was from Gu Nian.

Holding his phone, Jin Fengchen walked onto the balcony and then picked up the call.


That one cold word seemed depressing in the waning light of evening.

Gu Nian could tell that he wasn't in a good mood. Not daring to delay, he hurriedly made a report of the intelligence he had gathered.

"President, you're right about the woman you asked me to investigate. Her identity is not as simple as it appears. She's the daughter of the boss of JY Corporation."

"JY Corporation, the one in Country E?" Jin Fengchen asked with a frown.

This corporation had existed for a long time. Its name had continued from the last century to this one. It was well-known internationally and domestically.

His cold fingers slid over his lips and his eyes looked off into the distance. They were filled with sickness.

He hadn't expected Katherine to have such an identity.

Gu Nian looked at Katherine's splendid experience and couldn't help saying, "That's right; that corporat
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