Chapter 513 You Probably Won't Get the Opportunity


Jiang Sese sensed something unusual and shook Jin Fengchen's arm, reminding him to not speak so sharply.

As Jin Fengchen lowered his eyes to look at Jiang Sese, his gaze softened slightly.

He nodded at her and then stretched out a hand toward Mo Tingfeng.

His dissatisfaction with Mo Tingfeng's tone was one thing, but him saving Sese was an entirely different matter.

When comparing the two, Sese was more important.

Jin Fengchen expressed his sincere thanks. "Thank you for rescuing my wife today. If you need my help with something in the future, please let me know."


Mo Tingfeng's gaze showed slight surprise. He swept a glance over Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen with a thoughtful look.

"These people are so different in character, how did they get together?"

With the two them standing next to each other, they were like a big grey wolf and a small white rabbit; completely at odds.

Withdrawing his gaze, Mo Tingfeng stretched out his hand and shook Jin Fengchen's
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Rose SB
Since this book has like nine thousand chapters, it’ll happen again and again

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