Chapter 511 Who Exactly Are You?

That guy stood in front of Jiang Sese with a heavy expression and stretched a hand toward her face.

With nowhere left to run, Jiang Sese actually calmed down.

A distant and cold light appeared in her pretty eyes. She unthinkingly raised her hand and slapped the hand that the man had extended toward her face.

"Don't touch me!"

Jiang Sese raised her head slightly and straightened her back, using her tall figure to create a powerful aura.

The man was surprised by her gaze at first and paused, but upon remembering his employer's orders, his expression darkened.

His employer had misgivings and had repeatedly stressed that he couldn't kill the woman.

To the side, one of his brothers saw his boss's worry and went up to help him.

"Bro, the higher-ups said that we can't kill this woman, but they didn't say her stomach was untouchable."

He could see that the boss wanted revenge for the kick earlier.

"Heh, who would have thought that you're kind of smart?"

The man chuckled lightly and
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