Chapter 512 You're Finally Here

Fortunately, the pharmacy wasn't far from the police station. By the time Jiang Sese rushed back, Mo Tingfeng was still there.

Mo Tingfeng saw her return and walked forward to ask her, "Where did you go?"

Jiang Sese was panting slightly, and a kindly light shone from her eyes.

"I saw that you got a scratch on your face, so I bought some medicine. Let me help you apply it." Jiang Sese held up the bag in her hand as she looked up at him with a faint smile.

After all, Mo Tingfeng had gotten injured because of her. She would feel bad if she didn't do anything.

She stood at the door in a simple white shirt and black trousers. The light fell on her face, making her features seem even more elegant.

Her ink-black hair floated in the breeze, and a few strands stuck to her forehead. A smile filled her dark eyes, which gave one a sense of timeless beauty.

Looking at the smile on Jiang Sese's face, Mo Tingfeng became absent-minded for a moment.

After a few seconds, Mo Tingfeng quickly look
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