Chapter 559 Going to Work with a Tail

The father and son had been kept up for a long time. Now that the little girl was sleeping, they finally let out a breath.

Standing outside, the father-and-son pair sighed with emotion.

A smile hovered over Jin Fengchen's thin lips. He rubbed Xiaobao's head and said in a low voice, "You should go sleep too."

"Mhm, goodnight, Daddy."

Xiaobao nodded and waved at Jin Fengchen.

He was very happy today. He met the little girl, and she had added color to their lives.

He could already tell that tonight's dreams would be sweet.

Meanwhile, in the Fu Family, the atmosphere was completely unlike the calm of the Jin household. The entire Fu Family was enveloped by a heavy atmosphere.

Jiang Sese covered her face with both her hands. As time ticked by, she grew more and more anxious.

Her self-blame gradually swallowed her fragile state of mind.

If she hadn't left the girl by herself in the shop, this wouldn't have happened.

As she thought about it, she abruptly slapped herself.

"Ah, Sese
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Nicole Wik
I am very confuse why you write Mrs Jin when it should be Mrs Fu

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