Chapter 568 Daddy, I Can't Find Mommy Anymore

Tiantian walked into the wedding dress shop and her attention was immediately caught by the various kinds of wedding dresses.

There were princess style ones, classic ones, and ones covered with pearls and edged with lace. These styles made Tiantian unable to shift her gaze away.

The staff members were busy helping the wife of the Second Young Master Jin change and had no time for the child who had just suddenly run in.

Inside the changing room, Song Qingwan was trying on a wedding dress. Jin Fengyao was boldly sitting on a sofa outside, waiting for her.

When Song Qingwan came out, he was truly stunned.

Usually, Song Qingwan only wore light makeup and she dressed very conservatively. Putting on a wedding dress now, she looked like an angel fallen to earth.

The mermaid tail style lengthened Song Qingwan's legs while the open back displayed her beautiful shoulder blades.


Seeing Jin Fengyao's freeze, Song Qingwan called his name.

Song Qingwan's voice pulled Jin Fengyao
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