Chapter 575 You'd Wish You Were Dead

Jin Fengchen would never regret it even if he had to kill her with his own hands.

Grinding his teeth, he looked Jiang Nuannuan up and down repeatedly, as if he was skinning her with the sharp look in his eyes. If he could, he would cut her into little pieces.

Clenching his fists, Jin Fengchen started talking, and his deep voice sounded rather eerie in the basement.

"Jiang Nuannuan, you're very hard to find!"

His cold voice reminded her of the Last Judgment, and it almost drove her to a nervous breakdown.

She had been living like a fugitive for the past few years.

She had vivid memories of how terrifying Jin Fengchen had been. In order to find her, he had practically turned the world upside down.

"This man is like the devil!"

All calmness had left her, and she could smell death.

Jiang Nuannuan was so frightened that her cheeks were streaked with tears. She scrambled toward Jin Fengchen on all fours and grabbed the leg of his trousers with her dirty, scrawny fingers.

Raising he
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