Chapter 578 She's Back

The glass fell with a cracking sound, scattering shards everywhere.

But Jin Fengchen didn't seem to sense that at all because he was staring at the woman who had just walked in and had forgotten to blink.

The look in his eyes was a mixture of pain, astonishment, delight, and disbelief.

He had clenched his fists and was trembling slightly.

Even Old Master Qin had noticed it. Jin Fengchen had always been composed, and his grandfather had never seen him as agitated as this.

The emotions were simply too intense to go unnoticed.

Surprised, Old Master Qin followed the direction of Jin Fengchen's gaze, and the look on his face changed drastically as well.

"Is that...

"Can it be just a coincidence? Can two unrelated people look so alike?"

Meanwhile, Jin Fengyao, who had been talking to some guests, also sensed the change in the mood.

He turned his head toward the entrance, and the smile froze on his face. With a shocked expression, he started looking for Song Qingwan everywhere.

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