Chapter 583 Stop Them

After Jiang Sese agreed, Fu Jingyun immediately went off to change their flights.

There were still a few hours to kill before the flight. Tiantian was now quite sleepy because she had been playing the whole day.

Considering that it would take more than ten hours to fly back to France and it would be a long journey, they decided to stay in the hotel for a while before setting off.

"Tiantian, you can sleep for a while."

They were lying on the bed. Jiang Sese patted the little girl's back to try to get her to sleep.

Tiantian yawned and looked at Jiang Sese with tears in her eyes.

Turning over and nestling into Jiang Sese's arms, she rolled her eyes and asked, "Mommy, are we going home?"

There was a hint of reluctance in the little girl's eyes for she had not said goodbye to her brother yet.

It wasn't until Fu Jingyun went outside to make a phone call, did she then dare to ask Jiang Sese, in a low voice.

Before leaving the banquet tonight, the little girl turned around and glanced
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Rio Arbis
i agree, its like robbing the readers!
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Pushpa Wood
It is really frustrating now that you are only releasing one chapter at a time and even that is not on a regular basis and getting expensive to finish this book. I think once this book is finished, I will delete your app as it is not enjoyable any more - this drip feeding of storyline!

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