Chapter 635 What Are You Laughing At?

After completing the discharge formalities, Jin Fengchen took her home.

When she heard that Jin Fengchen had left the office in a rush yesterday, Zi Feng had been standing guard by the door of the Jin house ever since.

She thought that something had happened to Xiaobao, but Xiaobao returned home on time last night.

The moment she saw the person in Jin Fengchen’s arms, everything became clear.

No matter what, Jiang Sese was always at the top of Jin Fengchen’s heart.

Zi Feng saw the worry and distress in Jin Fengchen's eyes.

Envy and resentment inevitably brewed in her heart. Despite the years, she still lost to this woman.

Jiang Sese slept drowsily for half a day. A faint sound in her ears and the damp feeling on her neck woke her.

She opened her eyes, blinking as she looked around.

Jin Fengchen was squeezing a wet towel. Water dripped down into a basin, making fine ripples.

Seeing Jiang Sese opening her eyes, he smiled and set the towel aside.

He stared at Jiang Sese with a
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