Chapter 645 How Much Did He Love Jiang Sese

It was the same with the wedding dress.

Despite how dry Fu Jingyun’s mouth grew from speaking, Jiang Sese’s eyes were empty, as though she had not heard a thing.

After introducing everything in the catalog, he said in addition, “If you don’t like any of this, we can have it custom made. I prefer it being custom made. I brought these photos for you to have an understanding of specific brands to see which one meets your taste. Perhaps we should choose a company to make a unique ring. What do you think?”

Silence. Deathly silence.

Jiang Sese sat there, saying nothing, expressing nothing. She was just like a puppet.

She watched Fu Jingyun’s lips move, but did not hear a single world.

Her mind suddenly experienced a sharp pain, and fragmented scenes appeared in her mind.

“Sese, I only want you in this life.”

“Jin Fengchen loves Jiang Sese forever.”

“Let’s get married. I’ll give you the most extravagant wedding.”

‘Who, who was speaking to her? ‘

Jiang Sese desperately tri
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