Chapter 648 Why Is He Here

Before Gu Nian could finish, Jin Fengchen immediately said, “Make the arrangements for me.”

When Gu Nian heard that, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. It was fortunate that he had pulled out the Young Mistress in time.

He could tell that these days the Young Mistress and Young Master’s communications had reduced. The Young Master was very clearly on his own.

If this continued, the ones who would suffer were those under him.

Therefore, in order to help the Young Master regain his wife, he had naturally put his ear to the ground.

Master and Madam Jin went home when they saw that Jin Fengchen was still busy.

Twilight began to slowly change the atmosphere. Paris at night had already taken on a slightly cold air.

As daylight faded, the flashing lights continued to illuminate the streets.

A black Maybach drove up the road.

Gu Nian was briefing Jin Fengchen on the agenda of the banquet, as well as telling him in detail of news regarding Mr. Floren.

However, J
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