Chapter 650 An Illegitimate Child Of Unknown Origin

Adeline smiled coldly as she bent over with her head down.

She moved her hand, and pretended that she slipped to tip Jiang Sese’s glass over.

At the moment she bent down to pour the wine, Jiang Sese already felt that something was wrong.

Her intuition made her want to get away.

However, Adeline was faster than her.

The glass fell toward Jiang Sese’s direction, the red liquid within pouring out.

The liquid still splashed onto Jiang Sese’s formal wear before dripping down the corner of the table.

Jiang Sese’s face instantly darkened when she noticed that her dress was stained.

Recalling her move just now, the glass fell definitely because of human action.

However, before Jiang Sese could cry out, the perpetrator had already done so.

Adeline put on a horrified look on her face. She covered her mouth slightly, and apologized profusely to Jiang Sese.

“Ah, clumsy me! I’m sorry, my hand slipped! I ruined your dress! Please don’t be mad.”

She apologized with her mouth,
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