Chapter 651 A Person Who Can’t Compare To An Old Shoe

The moment Adeline spoke, the people around her began to criticize Jiang Sese.

“She has an illegitimate child? She’s really something. Her private life must be a mess, I really don’t know what Brother Jingyun sees in her.”

“Really, she’s such a dirty person. It really is a waste of such a good man like our Brother Jingyun. Only Sister Adeline is worthy of him.”

When these cruel words entered her ears, Jiang Sese’s expression grew even colder.

Her anger immediately showed on her face.

They could insult her, but she would definitely not allow them to insult Tiantian!

Tiantian was her baby, and was definitely not an illegitimate daughter!

“Yes, my private life is a mess, but Fu Jingyun is still in love with me. He will marry no one else but me. Must you all be so jealous?

“You think a used shoe like me is not worthy of him? If I’m an old shoe, then what are you all? A person who can’t compare to an old shoe?

“You are all nothing but trash who rely on their parents to live;
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