Chapter 689 It Is All My Fault

Xiaobao had never been like this before; he was always sensible and good-natured.

Seeing his grandmother crying like this, he would have said something to comfort her.

“Xiaobao?” Master Fu called out to him.

Xiaobao just stared at him blankly with no reaction.

Everyone had begun to gradually see that something was amiss.

Xiaobao’s expression felt like it was…

Madam Jin let go of Xiaobao and asked, tears in her eyes, “My dear grandson, are you feeling okay? Just tell Grandma, alright?”

Xiaobao took a step back and distanced himself from everyone.

Everyone there was stunned.

What was happening?

Xiaobao was only gone for half a day. Why had he become like this?

Master Jin and Jin Fengchen’s expression grew solemn.

Jin Fengchen called out to Xiaobao again, but Xiaobao did not give much of a reaction. The entire family’s heart sank.

This child… Did he shut himself off again?

They then shifted their gaze toward Jiang Sese, hoping that she would say something to Xiaobao.

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Not Master Fu, Xiaobao’s grandfather, Master Jin!

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