Chapter 693 So Much Pain You Wish You Were Dead

Jin Fengchen saw that the call had ended. When he tried to call back he had been blocked. He could not help but feel confused.

As for what Fu Jingyun said about the wedding being stopped, and Sese, what did it all mean?

Had something happened to Sese?

He hesitated for a moment, before deciding he could not stand by and watch.

He immediately called a number and said, “Gu Nian, book me a ticket back to France. The sooner the better.”

Even though Gu Nian did not know what Jin Fengchen intended with this, he still replied, “Very well, Chairman.”

He could not help but wonder, ‘Didn’t the Chairman just return?’

However the boss’ work was not for his subordinates to question.

After ending the call, Jin Fengchen picked up the jacket behind him and left, making his way to France at the greatest speed.

He rushed to the airport to see Gu Nian standing a distance away, waiting for him.

He got into a car, and Gu Nian got in as well.

In the car, Jin Fengchen still remembered th
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Analisa Defensor Aspa
i'm waiting to read the new chapter and i hope that it will not broke my heart...i wish for sese to remember her past soon. i beg you author, please...don't let them suffer anymore!!! i'm also heartbroken
goodnovel comment avatar
Luisa Godbold
Sese please remember your past
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammy Evans Moore
Come on Sese ... REMEMBER... Fengchen MUST save her!!

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