Chapter 696 Stop Dreaming

“Bai Li!” Jin Fengchen’s cold voice sounded out behind Bai Li.

Bai Li shuddered, and dared not delay any longer.

He gave Zi Feng a long look before he quickly caught up.

He really wanted to save Zi Feng, but he could not.

At the same time Jiang Sese was sent to the hospital, Zi Feng was locked away in a secret location.

She did not know where she was. She was locked away in a pitch black room without a ray of light.

Without any way to judge time, she was nearly driven insane.

Zi Feng thought that she knew Jin Fengchen well enough. However, she did not expect that she had underestimated him.

He was an unfeeling machine. Apart from Jiang Sese, he did not care for anybody else.

Zi Feng knew full well that no matter how long she was with Jin Fengchen, she would never be able to occupy any part of Jin Fengchen’s heart.

This knowledge made her despair, and she was at a loss of what to do.

Time passed by slowly, and Zi Feng was losing it more and more.

She had once loo
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