Chapter 694 She Was Finally Dead!

“Jiang Sese, you’ve taken too much of his time. Your entrance into this world was a mistake! You should have died long ago. How have you been living this pathetic existence of yours to this day? You should die! You are the one most deserving of death!”

As Zi Feng spoke, she placed the dagger under Jiang Sese’s chin.

The ice cold tip of the dagger reminded Jiang Sese of the danger she was in.

Jiang Sese did her best to remain calm and think of her next step.

She knew that the woman before her wanted her life. She asked tentatively, “What exactly do you want?”

“I want you dead!”

Zi Feng did not hesitate at all. The malice in her voice was terrifying.

After she spoke, she laughed, “Why is he always caught up over you? Because of this face of yours?”

The dagger left a trail of blood across Jiang Sese’s face.

Seeing the fear on Jiang Sese’s face, Zi Feng laughed in satisfaction and took the dagger away.

Just as Jiang Sese let out a breath of relief, Zi Feng suddenly slap
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