Chapter 697 I Hate Traitors The Most

When the two hospital staff found security and returned, Fu Jingyun and Jin Fengchen were fighting ferociously.

Fu Jingyun was slowly losing his advantage. His strength was fading slightly.

His hands were moving slightly slower, losing their power.

Jin Fengchen took the chance to throw a punch toward his face, but he was pulled back by the security guard.

The guard simply told them off, “What can’t be solved through proper communication! This is a hospital. The patient inside is undergoing surgery. What do you two think you’re doing fighting out here? If you distract the doctor, are you prepared to bear the consequences?”

Reminded that the patient inside was Jiang Sese, Jin Fengchen’s eyes bloodshot eyes calmed down somewhat.

He laughed coldly, and looked at Fu Jingyun with vicious, but cold, eyes.

It was like he was a fiend from hell. His malice was immeasurable. It could make anyone shudder.

Fu Jingyun was dragged away by a security guard and made to sit down on one s
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Gressel Ann
The author is like a scammer.. it is so much money involved but the story goes round and round ..much more enemy now..and the end the story are the same.. don't like now
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Mary T Mclaughlin
it is not about story anymore,it is so much money to read a never ending story just seems to try to get as much money as possible from readers .
goodnovel comment avatar
Pimmy Roan
How much longer is this book going on for. I’ve already spent about £60 on this book. But rest assured I will NEVER subscribe to this app ever again and will let everyone know about this scamming app

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