Chapter 695 Use Her As You Like

Zi Feng’s face changed instantly. She began to slightly shrink away.

Jin Fengchen turned his face and his icy cold gaze was suddenly pointed at her.

His eyes were bloodshot. The look he gave was similar to what one would give a dead person.

“I… I…”

Zi Feng was petrified.

Jin Fengchen stalked forward slowly, his leather shoes clacking on the floor. The sound of it was like the warrant of death from the Grim Reaper.

“Young Master, I… I… Listen to me…”

Zi Feng raised her hand, trying to prevent Jin Fengchen from getting closer.

She did not realize that she was still holding the blade, and its point was turned toward Jin Fengchen.

Zi Feng was shocked and, with a clang, the dagger fell to the ground. In the pindrop silence of the factory, it was like a clap of thunder.

Jin Fengchen looked down and observed the dagger.

Seeing the blood on it, his eyes became sinister. He looked like a hellish fiend.

Jin Fengchen stepped on the dagger and closed on Zi Feng.

“It was yo
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Pushpa Wood
Same here! The story is going round and round in circles while the app owners milking money from the readers! This is my first and last time to use this app
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Pimmy Roan
Disgusting cost of money and waiting for chapters. Never again would I subscribe to this app

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