Chapter 698 Gravely Mistaken

Jin Fengchen saw that he was prepared. He did not intend to waste any more words on him.

Bai Li had privately let Zi Feng go. He definitely had to make an example of him.

“If that’s the case, you chose this path yourself. Based on how long you’ve been with me, that arm of yours is forfeit as a lesson for you.”

Jin Fengchen’s words were powerful and resonating. They booked no argument.

Bai Li sat on the damp, ice-cold floor, and he closed his eyes.

“Thank you, Young Master…”

Bai Li was happy enough not to lose his life.

Seeing that he was ready, the men near him dragged Bai Li up to stand in front of Jin Fengchen.

Looking coldly at Bai Li, Jin Fengchen immediately kicked Bai Li’s arm.

The crack of bones resounded.

Bai Li grunted softly, cold sweat flowing.

However, he still forced himself to endure the pain, and he did not cry out.

‘Very good. He was a strong man.’

There was a second kick, and then a third…all aimed at the same spot.

The sound of bone crackin
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