Chapter 730 Assumed Office

Jiang Sese looked gratefully at Master Fu and went straight upstairs.

“I want to intern at the company.”

Fu Jingyun's voice was soft, but it was loud enough for Master Fu to hear.

At first, Master Fu just nodded and did not react too much.

After fully understanding the meaning of what he said, Master Fu's eyes widened in surprise.

He reconfirmed again by asking, “You want to come intern at the company?”

Fu Jingyun nodded.

Master Fu never thought that he would be interested in doing business, so he never trained him.

After all, Fu Jingyun had always focused on the medical field.

Looking at the surprised Master Fu, Fu Jingyun explained, “I don’t want to put all the burden on Sese. It would be too taxing on her.”

Seeing that he was determined, Master Fu said, “Then you will start at the company tomorrow. The Chairman’s office will be yours. However, you better not slack off.”

“Alright. I’ll be going upstairs now.”

After he replied his father, Fu Jingyun left the table.

He did
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