Chapter 746 Investigate Immediately

What he did not understand was how the virus got into Jiang Sese’s body.

Who injected her, and when?

He had no answers to all of this.

Jin Fengchen clenched his teeth in anger when he thought about all the things he did not know and the things that Jiang Sese had gone through.

His face turned dark as he strode forward.

Gu Nian needed to jog from behind to keep up.

When they reached the corner, Gu Nian spoke up, “Young Master, what now?”

Jin Fengchen did not stop, his mouth curling maliciously. “Find out who injected Sese with the pathogen. I want to rip them to shreds!”

Gu Nian was shocked, “Young Master, have you already figured out who did this?”

Jin Fengchen’s eyes filled with rage. His lips parted slightly and he spat out three syllables through his teeth. “Fu Jingyun.”

As soon as he spoke, Gu Nian was slightly confused.

“Could it be him? Doesn’t he like the Young Madam a lot? Why would he do something so drastic?”

When he heard that, Jin Fengchen explained w
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