Chapter 744 Human Injection

The little girl’s tears streamed down her face as she cried. When she heard that, she stopped herself and looked at Jin Fengchen, doubt fading.

Blinking away the tears in her eyes, the little girl was still very unsure.

“Really? Mommy will wake up soon?”

Seeing the disbelief in the little girl’s eyes, Jin Fengchen pulled out a tissue and wiped away the little girl’s snot. He said softly, “Of course it’s real. You don’t believe me? When has Daddy lied to you?”

Tiantian pondered before she decisively shook her head, “Daddy never lied to Tiantian.”

Jin Fengchen smiled at the little girl and ruffled her hair gently before he said softly, “Then Tiantian, can you follow Uncle Gu to pick up Big Brother from his hobby class? When you get back, maybe Mommy will have woken up.”

The little girl sniffled, and said sweetly, “Okay.”

Seeing her agree, Jin Fengchen nodded happily.

“Gu Nian, bring Tiantian to get Xiaobao.”

Before they left, the little girl still looked at them unhappi
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Megha Goel
Can you please give the link?
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the app doesn’t let me post the link. But go to mtlnovel .com and search for this book. You’ll find there.
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I'll try if i can understand the translation he he he please share the link. thanks

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