Chapter 775 Nothing Happened

However, Catalina’s performance had disappointed him greatly.

Catalina looked at Jin Fengchen, and immediately knew that she was not his match.

She could not stay here!

Catalina’s eyes rolled and lifted her hands, acting like she was suffering. Her expression looked like it was full of fear, and she looked like she was going to confess.

“I’ll talk, just let me go first. It hurts…”

When Jin Fengchen saw this, he relaxed his grip slightly. She brought her calf up viciously and kicked Jin Fengchen.

Taking advantage of Jin Fengchen’s evasion, she broke free of his grip. She twisted her body and escaped.

Jin Fengchen was careless; he did not expect this woman to know how to fight, and that gave Catalina the chance to escape.

However, he reacted immediately. He dashed forward and grabbed Catalina by the shoulder.

He no longer held back. He savagely threw a punch at her--its power was lethal.

Turning to face Jin Fengchen’s strength head on, Catalina did her best to block Ji
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