Chapter 792 You Are Mine

At that moment, some people’s voices from unknown origin carried over the wind. The voices grew closer and closer and became clearly audible.

“Jin Fengchen brought his wife back this time. Well, that’s the end of that.”

“They even have children.”

“The incident three years ago was really difficult, but I thought it meant I finally got a spot in line. Who would’ve thought it’s still the same one as before.”

“Why did he leave for overseas if not for that woman?”

The voices grew closer, and Jiang Sese was incidentally standing behind a semicircular rose bush.

The outsiders were not paying attention and could not see her, but she could peek through the leaves to see what was going on.

A few silhouettes were walking over, the sound of their high heels clearly audible.

If she were to walk out now, they would definitely bump into each other. However, the outsiders were talking about her. It was truly a dilemma.

She did not know whether or not to walk out or wait for them t
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